DIB knows that your employees consider their health, their family's health, and their health insurance benefits as priceless commodities. We also know that one of the most costly aspects of your business is employee benefits. Making the right benefits decisions is crucial to your business' economic health, employee retention and attracting new talent.

Strong carrier and vendor relationships provide our clients with comprehensive market analysis, design and implementation of benefit programs.  We work with local and national carriers and vendors on behalf of our clients to develop and place the best benefits solutions.

We have experience in HMO, PPO, Consumer-Driven Programs, Self-Funded Plans, Medical Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts and many other plan offerings.



About DIB

Our goal is to protect you, your company and future owners. As you know, it’s about coverage first then obtaining the most competitive costs in the marketplace. As your broker, we will negotiate the best coverage with competitive pricing by negotiating directly with the carriers or with our wholesale partners.

we believe that if our clients are successful and we help add value to your bottom line then we have accomplished my goal.  Read More...