Life & AD&D

Life Insurance


Life insurance provides a predetermined amount of money to beneficiaries upon your death. Depending on the program, it can replace the loss of your current and potentially your future income as well as play a role in estate planning.

The decision to purchase life insurance, and how much, is a personal choice based on your specific needs.

Life insurance can help:


  • Provide the ability for a spouse/partner to keep a house
  • Allow a surviving partner to raise and educate children
  • Ensure that a family can maintain their current standard of living, even with the loss of a breadwinner
  • Provide income to an elder who relies on family for day-to-day support


Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

AD&D insurance provides a lump sum payment if death or dismemberment is the direct result of an accident.

If the insured has life and AD&D insurance and dies as the result of an accident, both coverages are paid to designated beneficiaries. An employee enrolled in AD&D insurance who becomes dismembered as a result of an accident will be paid according to the schedule of indemnities listed in the plan document.

The employee is the beneficiary for any dependent claims. AD&D coverage does not require proof of good health has no cash value.


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