Companies have been issuing surety guarantees in the United States for nearly a century, but surety has been around far longer than that, in fact, Roman ordinances and even a tablet found in the Mesopotamian Region dated back to 2750 B.C.

Surety bonds provide protection and peace of mind for the owner. The most important function of contract surety is the assurance that the project will be completed in accordance with the contract and that suppliers/subcontractors will be paid.

Depending on your surety needs -- commercial or contract -- DIB can provide assistance. We have access to carriers and brokers that can help you with all your bonding-related needs.


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Our goal is to protect you, your company and future owners. As you know, it’s about coverage first then obtaining the most competitive costs in the marketplace. As your broker, we will negotiate the best coverage with competitive pricing by negotiating directly with the carriers or with our wholesale partners.

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