Environmental Contractors

We have a broad array of environmental specialty insurance policies and programs which are available with our carriers and wholesalers. Our specialty policies are complex and require an expert advice which is why we use specialized carriers throughout the U.S. This specialized knowledge in environmental risk management and advanced insurance skills helps our contractors purchase the proper coverage at the most competitive price. Please contact our office for additional information.

Asbestos Abatement Liability—Designed to cover bodily injury and property damage that results from asbestos abatement operations conducted by the remedial contractor. The asbestos coverage consists of a series of endorsements added to the general liability policy. The limits are shared between the two coverages, usually written on a blanket basis. The policy is written on an occurrence basis.

Asbestos Containment—Designed to cover building owners if a release of asbestos occurs. The operations and maintenance (O&M) program is a must for managing on-site asbestos containing building materials (ACBM). Sudden/accidental release of asbestos, which results in BI/PD, is covered on an occurrence basis. Loss must take place during the policy term. Coverage is only provided for asbestos actually revealed by a building survey. The policy form is offered on an occurrence basis.

Cleanup Cost Cap—Indemnifies the owner and/or buyer and/or lender as an insured for financial losses that arise when the anticipated remediation costs are exceeded. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Contractor Operations and Professional Services—Covers field operations and professional services, shares one set of limits, and specifically schedules all activities. It is a combination of the professional and contractor's pollution insurance forms. The professional services coverage policy form is offered on a claims-made basis. The contractors pollution liability coverage is issued on either an occurrence or claims-made basis.

Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)—Covers third-party bodily injury and property damage liability caused by a remedial contractor arising from pollution conditions on customer work sites, and covers pollution events and cleanup costs on a work site. Activities must be specifically named as covered operations. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Environmental and General Liability Exposure—The policy provides a combined general and pollution legal liability coverage form with one set of limits. It can be issued for a specific site or a portfolio of sites. The general liability includes either a claims-made or occurrence insuring agreement and the pollution legal liability is issued on a claims-made basis.

Environmental Protection Program Closure/Post Closure—Intended to satisfy the financial responsibility requirements for closure/post-closure and liability protection required by individual, state, and RCRA regulations. Closure/post-closure programs do not typically cover third-party bodily injury, property damage, or defense expenses.

Errors and Omissions (E&O)—Coverage addresses errors and omissions resulting from professional services/opinions, including pollution of engineers and consultants in the environmental services industry. The pollution exclusion is deleted from the policies offered by these insurers, or modified by endorsement to offer coverage for named activities. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

General Contractors (GC) Pollution Liability—Designed to provide pollution coverage for general contractors resulting from contingent liability created by acts of subcontractors whose insurance can be insufficient for the GC's protection; and incidental liability, for situations where the contractor is unaware of contaminants at a site and the process of performing the construction project causes a release of pollutants. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Lead Abatement Contractors Liability (remedial contractor)—Designed to cover bodily injury and property damage arising from lead abatement activities of a remedial contractor. The policy may be written with or without general liability coverage. The policy form is offered on an occurrence basis.

Owner Controlled Environmental Insurance Program (OCEIP)—Asbestos Abatement Project, Environmental Remediation/Consulting Projects—The program is a master policy designed to fit the needs of the owner/contractor resulting from a remediation or asbestos/lead abatement project. Any of the policies can be put into wrap-up form on behalf of the owner or contractors.

Owner's Protective Professional and Environmental Liability—Policy covers the owner for environmental impairment as a result of the professional services of the architect/engineering firm(s), construction services of the construction contractor or the A/E firms, and completed operations of the contractor or A/E firm. In addition, it covers the owner for negligence in performance of professional services performed by the A/E firm. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Owner's Spill Liability —Policy provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs resulting from an incident during transportation by a carrier of the named insured's product or waste.

Pollution Legal Liability (PLL or EIL) —PLL covers pollution conditions emanating from the designated locations. Off-site third-party, BI/PD, cleanup, and defense costs are included in the limit. As a general rule, the markets will endorse the policy to add on-site coverage. Coverage may be available for a specific site or a portfolio of sites. The policy can also be amended to provide coverage for the transportation and disposal of waste, first- and third-party diminution of property value, and first-party business interruption. The policy form is available on a claims-made basis.

Secured Creditor/Creditor Reimbursement for Environmental Damages —This policy is designed to protect companies (banks) offering credit secured by real property from losses (outstanding loan balance) based on environmental claims. The policy pays for covered loans upon default when pollution conditions exist. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Storage Tank Pollution Insurance —Policy is designed to meet federal financial responsibility requirements. Covers bodily injury, property damage and corrective action resulting from release from aboveground and underground storage tanks. On-site/off-site coverage is available. Tanks must be in regulatory compliance. The policy form is offered on a claims-made basis.

Supplemental Environmental Auto Liability (SEAL) —Coverage applies to bodily injury, property damage, and cleanup costs that are a result of pollution release from transported cargo carried by a covered auto. Standard auto policy excludes this unless it is amended to provide the environmental coverage.


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