Group Captives


Group captives have become a popular strategy for financially sound companies seeking an alternative to buying insurance the "old fashion way" .

These programs allow your company to take control of your insurance destiny. It gives you a chance get a return of 60-plus percent of your premiums, while improving your risk-management program. Above all, it reduces costs, returns underwriting profits and investment income.

The method of managing risk is easy with this program. Predictable losses are retained and catastrophic losses are transferred. Your costs are lower because premiums are based on your loss exposures, therefore lower claims equals more money in your pocket. Operating costs are lower, only good risks are accepted, increased loss prevention, increased claim management and return of unused loss funds.

Your primary lines are covered under the group captive program (workers’ compensation, general liability and auto liability). You know what your total cost will be if you do have a catastrophic claim, but more importantly, it is shared with your member companies to spread the risk as you pay your losses over several years.

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